Wild Style


We all have that one friend. They're terrible at telling stories, recounting fun times, or (god-forbid) sharing the plot of a movie, tv show, or book. 

That's me. I'm that friend.

In an effort to better my writing skills, tell better stories, release some steam, and have some fun, I'm starting this blog. At first, it may have some wild style, but I promise I'm trying to refine.

For a little recap, I've been going to Pasadena City College for a few years now, part-time. I'm mid-way through an internship at The Getty, and I'm hoping to return to school in the fall at East LA College. I need to brush up on my writing, and what better way than to start with the things I'm interested in:

Art / Art History, Bikes, Ramen, Photography, Museums, Social Justice, and Yucatan